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Chemistry Jobs Overview Chemistry is a highly technical profession and yet one which affects our daily lives. From ...

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Senior Organic Chemist

Farnborough, South East/Southern, GU147SR
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Chemistry Jobs Overview

Chemistry is a highly technical profession and yet one which affects our daily lives. From chemistry teacher jobs to other research-oriented positions, there are a host of different sectors to choose from. It is also worth noting that jobs in chemistry are considered to be in high demand throughout the United Kingdom.

Chemistry Jobs Educational Requirements

As chemistry is a highly exacting field, normal educational requirements will often centre around a degree from an accredited university. Most applicants possess a BSc in science-related studies while it is not uncommon for highly skilled workers to boast a master's degree or even a doctorate. However, entry-level positions such as research assistant jobs may not be as stringent. It is also wise to browse through the additional certifications offered through the City and Guilds training scheme. Training in team management and process technology could come in useful.

Chemistry Jobs Market

Arising from the fact that the United Kingdom is enjoying a boom in technology and science, the demand for jobs in chemistry is expected to grow considerably during the next five years. The National Careers Service points out that an expected 1.78 million positions will be available by the year 2020. This is in contrast to the approximate 1.68 million which are currently available. The number of vacancies for those with the correct training should provide substantial opportunities within this sector.

Chemistry Jobs Salary Information

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the mean salary associated with chemistry jobs in 2015 was £39,027 pounds. This does not take into account other incentives such as bonuses or profit sharing within large companies. It is also worth noting that as this profession becomes more competitive, average wages should rise proportionally alongside the increased number of roles available in the future. Those who reach managerial or upper-level positions may earn significantly higher than the figures mentioned above.

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