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Chemical Engineering Jobs Overview Chemical engineers are responsible for analysing raw materials and developing the ...

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Chemical Engineering Jobs Overview

Chemical engineers are responsible for analysing raw materials and developing the processes which turn these materials into everyday products, such as foodstuffs or fuel. This requires strong research and problem-solving skills, as well as an excellent knowledge of maths and science with an emphasis on chemistry. With research being an integral part of chemical engineering jobs, the effective use of IT is crucial. Chemical engineers also need to be strong team players and excellent communicators.

Chemical Engineering Jobs Education Requirements

A degree course in chemical engineering generally requires students to have a minimum of five GCSEs and three A levels, which include chemistry and maths. Students who do not have the necessary maths and science qualifications may apply at universities that offer a foundation year. In general, jobs in chemical engineering require an accredited BEng degree in biochemical, process or chemical engineering. On-the-job training, particularly through a structured graduate training scheme, can assist employees in reaching incorporated or chartered status, which greatly improves career prospects. The Institute of Chemical Engineers offers a variety of educational courses and conferences.

Chemical Engineering Jobs Market

With the development of every consumer product involving chemical engineering, jobs in chemical engineering are many and varied. Whether it is in the food sector, or in the development of alternate energy sources, the role of a chemical engineer is vital. Accordingly, some specialist positions, such as process engineer jobs or food technology jobs, are also available for those with the necessary qualifications.

Chemical Engineering Jobs Salary Information

On average, entry level salaries for chemical engineers is approximately £29,500 per annum with bonuses generally on offer. For those reaching chartered status the median remuneration is in the region of £70,000, but variations can depend largely on the industry in which the chemical engineer is employed. Oil and nuclear-based industries may offer higher salaries, as well as higher bonus and profit-sharing packages.

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