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Charity Job Overview Charity professionals carry out a variety of roles for organisations in the not-for-profit sector. ...

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Charity Job Overview

Charity professionals carry out a variety of roles for organisations in the not-for-profit sector. Some common job responsibilities include fundraising, analysing public policy and data sets, writing reports and press releases, devising and implementing marketing strategies, organising charity events, and liaising with the media, the public, and governmental organisations. Experienced charity professionals may also need to interview and recruit staff, plan budgets, and train volunteers. To succeed in this role, candidates need to be enthusiastic, flexible, and creative, in addition to having excellent communication, time-management, and organisational skills. A background in law, accountancy, management, or training and development is often useful for anyone interested in a career in the not-for-profit sector. Full and part-time charity work is available. Office roles take place during regular working areas, but fundraisers may need to work weekends too. Charity jobs with international organisations often require that candidates are mobile and willing to relocate.

Charity Job Education Requirements

University graduates can join the not-for-profit sector through a graduate training scheme. It is also possible to gain entry into this profession by having previous experience as a volunteer or a vocational qualification in business, public relations, or marketing. Having said that, the majority of employers place high importance on the personal qualities of candidates and on their commitment to specific causes. Taking industry-specific courses (such as Effective Voluntary Sector Management, which is offered online) may be beneficial, as it can lead to career progression.

Charity Job Market

According to official statistics, the number of jobs in the charity sector will continue to rise over the next few years. Jobs are available in various areas, which may include animal welfare, health care, human rights, arts and heritage, etc. Other opportunities exist in areas like volunteer administration, fundraising research, and fundraising management.

Charity Job Salaries

Recent studies show that starting salaries in the charity sectors average £21,000 per year. Experienced professionals can earn anything between £25,000 and £30,000 a year, whereas managerial positions or jobs with international organisations can pay more than £40,000 a year.

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