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Carpenter Jobs Overview Everywhere in the UK, our infrastructure and surroundings have been shaped with the help of ...

Carpenter / Shop fitter

East Grinstead, South East/Southern, RH192ES
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Carpenter Jobs Overview

Everywhere in the UK, our infrastructure and surroundings have been shaped with the help of carpenters. Their skills are important in making and repairing structures and objects from furniture, doors, stairs, kitchen cabinets, shelving, skirting boards, floorboards, window frames to roof timbers. They cut and shape wood and other materials, including plastic and fibreglass using hand and power tools. Their versatility makes them in demand to work on homes, offices, shops, factories, roads, bridges, car parks and film sets. Some specialise in working on homes, commercial properties or as industrial carpenters building scaffolding and making moulds for concrete structures such as tall buildings and bridges.

Carpenter Jobs Education Requirements

No academic qualifications are needed to begin training as a carpenter, though completing a college course, such as a BTEC in carpentry, may boost prospects of landing a job. Employers value applicants with practical skills and site experience, so having worked in a carpenter's mate job or labourer may help. Another option is a carpenter's apprenticeship. For this, vocational qualifications or GCSEs are needed as a base requirement. Carpenters measure materials and read blueprints, so maths and English are preferred subjects. Carpenters can advance their careers by setting up their own businesses, specialising or taking further qualifications to move on to management positions such as maintenance managers or site manager.

Carpenter Jobs Market

Carpentry jobs were affected by the recent recession, however, prospects look much brighter over the next 10 years as the economy continues to rebound and the construction industry recovers. The government's new-home construction programme is likely to create jobs across the country with local authorities and private companies and there will be a need for carpenters to fill a skills shortage.

Carpenter Jobs Salary Information

Salaries depend on location and employer. Generally, trainee carpenters can earn between £13,000 and £16,000 a year. Once qualified, this can rise to between £18,000 and £25,000 a year, and reach over £30,000 with experience.

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