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Caretaker Jobs Overview A caretaker, also known as a janitor or premises officer, is someone who looks after a ...


Gravesend, South East/Southern
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Caretaker (Mobile) - Neighbourhood Warden

Worthing, South East/Southern, BN11 1ER
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Assistant Caretaker - (Bexhill-on-Sea)

Bexhill, South East/Southern, TN
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Mayoral & Administrative Officer

Littlehampton, South East/Southern, BN17 5EW
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north yorkshire county council
Barkston Ash
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Page Personnel United Kingdom
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Caretaker Jobs Overview

A caretaker, also known as a janitor or premises officer, is someone who looks after a building, making sure it is safe, clean and secure. In healthcare, caretaker jobs are carried out in a diverse and rewarding environment where workers will be expected to:

  • assist maintenance teams
  • remove and put clinical waste into the appropriate bins
  • move machinery, equipment and furniture
  • fill out paperwork
  • check on car parks

Caretaker work in healthcare is predominantly set in hospitals, health centres and accommodation buildings, so a level of discretion is advised. Work hours usually extend to evenings and early mornings, as well as weekends.

Caretaker Jobs Education Requirements

Rather than education requirements, caretaker jobs focus more on practical and organisational skills, which can include repairing minor electrical faults and making sure security systems are in full working order. A caretaker may also be required to call in someone who has a contracted building services engineer job to fix major problems.

Other areas of responsibility could include working up a ladder, so a head for heights is essential – as is physical strength for heavy lifting. If a caretaker role involves directing someone with a maintenance cleaning job skills in delegation and management will also be important.

Caretaker Jobs Market

There are many caretaker jobs ranging from part-time to full-time available, with hours spanning 15 to 42 per week. In leisure and travel, the sector of work to which caretaking belongs, 38% work part-time and 42% full-time, while employment is set to increase in the near future (National Careers Service).

Caretaker Jobs Salary Information

Salaries for caretaker jobs range from £12,000 to £16,000 for starting positions, with more experienced workers commanding £20,000 and beyond (National Careers Service).

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