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Care Assistant Jobs Overview A healthcare assistant provides medical or therapeutic support for the elderly, the sick, ...

Care Assistant

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Care Assistant Jobs Overview

A healthcare assistant provides medical or therapeutic support for the elderly, the sick, the injured or the disabled. Tasks can include helping with daily personal care and hygiene, including washing and bathing, using the toilet and eating; managing bills and related tasks; and organising leisure activities. As the job is so people-focussed, a good care assistant will have the ability to relate well with people, enjoy taking on a friendly and caring role in the lives of others and be able to function under pressure and in high-stress environments. While a difficult job at times, for most people in care worker jobs the satisfaction of being of genuine assistance to others makes it all worthwhile.

Care Assistant Jobs Educational Requirements

Many assistants first begin by performing volunteer work at local charities or have experience caring for a loved one to draw on. Generally speaking, a university education is not required to find a job in this field, although it is usually recommended. There are a number of advanced qualifications, which, while not required, will certainly improve your prospects and overall starting salary. A few examples are:

  • Level 1 Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care
  • Level 2 Supporting Individuals with Learning Disabilities
  • Level 2 Awareness of Dementia
  • Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care

Care Assistant Jobs Market

Currently, there is a very healthy market for care workers within the United Kingdom. The National Career Service predicts a steady rise in the sector over the next few years. In addition, advances in modern medicine have resulted in the population of the United Kingdom living much longer than in previous generations, so the market for a care assistant is likely to increase even more dramatically in the future offering more care taker jobs as well as care manager jobs.

Care Assistant Jobs Salary Information

According to the National Careers Service the starting salary for a care assistant is approximately £12,500 pounds. This is assuming that the position is for a full-time role. On the other hand, those with more experience or that have additional qualifications can make between £18,000 and £21,000 p.a.

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