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Car Delivery Jobs Overview Car delivery jobs include, but are by no means limited to, the actual delivery of an ...

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Car Delivery Jobs Overview

Car delivery jobs include, but are by no means limited to, the actual delivery of an expensive vehicle to its new owner. Anything that can be brought as part of a vehicle can be part of a car delivery job, and all such jobs require driving sensibly and with care. Whether it’s part-time work, occasional assignment, or driving for days on end, transporting and delivering cars requires perceptive, vigilant, responsible and personable people behind the wheel.

Car Delivery Jobs Educational Requirements

Car delivery jobs have rather strict licence requirements, in accordance with the U.K. government's own standard on road safety. Car delivery workers will generally want to have at least a CE licence, allowing them to drive vehicles 7,500 kilograms and over, but the exact licence needed depends on the nature of the car delivery job and the type of haulage. Being at least 25 years of age and holding a driver’s licence for over two years are the terms usually required for all car transporter jobs for insurance purposes. More commonly, a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (or CPC) is needed, to ensure that the worker is capable of driving vehicles in a professional context. The CPC test is quite affordable, and consists of four parts, including theory, case studies, driving abilities and a practical demonstration; other needed licences have their own tests and requirements. Speaking a foreign language may come in handy through customs and when the cars are handed over to their owners. The extra licenses open up opportunities for HGV driving jobs.

Car Delivery Jobs Market

Although it is simple to obtain some jobs that involve vehicle operation, the car delivery job market is very favourable. The number of drivers with the qualifications needed to obtain many of the car delivery positions on the market today is low, as is the number of drivers willing to earn those qualifications. This gives anyone willing to enter the market a relatively easy job search.

Car Delivery Jobs Salary

The salaries most car delivery jobs fetch depend entirely on the level of responsibility that the jobs entail, as well as on the type of cargo. Fleet car dealerships can pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly wages, and they expect their drivers to be working as subcontractors on a self-employed basis for up to £500 per week.

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