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Buyer Jobs Overview Buyers can operate in a variety of different areas, though it is a position which often carries a ...

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Buyer Jobs Overview

Buyers can operate in a variety of different areas, though it is a position which often carries a great deal of importance and prestige. In many instances, a buyer job may involve negotiating the bulk purchase price of a range of raw materials for a company’s manufacturing process.

In the commercial sector, it could be purchasing office equipment and stationary products. Working in the wholesale sector buyer jobs could entail the bulk purchase of everything from janitorial supplies, to foodstuffs, to clothing. While working in the retail sector will involve not just purchasing stock for resale, but making decisions about what products to buy, and what products will be the best sellers six or twelve months down the line.

Buyer Jobs Education Requirements

The educational requirements needed by those seeking buyer jobs can vary depending on which area of commerce or industry is being applied for. In some areas of industry and the retail trade, entry may be gained by joining a company as an assistant buyer, then working up the ladder, for example from junior buyer to senior buyer jobs. A number of industry recognised college courses are available for those who wish to advance through a mix of work experience and further education.

For those looking for direct entry to a buyer job in retail or manufacturing a relevant degree in business or retail is beneficial, as well as a specific knowledge of the materials and products one will be dealing with. As a senior buyer for a large national or multi-national company, overseas travel to the material source may be required.

Buyer Jobs Market

Every area of the industrial and retail sectors require buyers. The UK National Careers Service estimates a steady increase in opportunities through to 2020. Seeking a buyer job within a medium size business allows for career advancement through further education, workplace relocation, and promotions to senior buyer, buying controller, or head of buying. It also allows the opportunity to diversify into other areas.

Buyer Jobs Salary Information

Buyer job salaries can vary considerably depending in which area of the market the buyer operates in, and levels of experience. However, starting salaries will likely range from £16,000 to£24,000, and up to £32,000 as a junior buyer. Experienced buyers can expect between £35,000 to £40,000, with senior buyers and purchasing manager jobs offering £50,000 to £60,000 per annum.

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