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Business Analyst Jobs Overview Business analysts analyse and assess processes within companies and organisations, ...

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Business Analyst Jobs Overview

Business analysts analyse and assess processes within companies and organisations, with a view to implementing improvements. This is sometimes referred to as BPR or business process re-engineering and often includes the integration of new technologies and ways of working. Current methods (the situation 'as is') and the target (or 'to be') processes are documented. Business analysts are often required to communicate between senior management or directors and employees, sometimes through interviews and group presentations. Skills required include analysing the need for possible changes, comparing alternative solutions and making recommendations as well as implementing and delivering these changes.

Business Analyst Jobs Education Requirements

University or college courses in general business studies or analysis are good career foundations, although a degree is not always necessary. Many experts consider that there is no substitute for acquiring practical business experience, whether from a first job or a summer placement. Several foundation course options exist online learning with an assigned tutor. The British Computer Society's Information Systems Examination Board (ISEB) and the CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional) qualifications are widely recognised; a number of private colleges offer courses of study towards these accredited examinations and certificates. Additionally, the IIBA (International Institute for Business Analysis) offers a certificate of competence in business analysis after two to three years of relevant work experience. Entry level jobs can be junior business analyst jobs or entry level financial analyst jobs.

Business Analyst Jobs Market

The Business Analysts jobs market is currently very buoyant with thousands of positions available at various levels, both nationally within the UK (especially London, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh) and internationally. This modern business role is in increasing demand, including progressing to senior levels such as Business Analyst Manager or consultancy.

Business Analyst Jobs Salary Information

Salaries for business analysts in the UK range from an entry level £25,100 to £38,400, with a median around £30,700. This figure varies according to region and experience, as well as public or private sector.

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