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Bursar Jobs Overview Traditionally, a Bursar refers to a professional who is responsible for the management of funds ...

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Bursar Jobs Overview

Traditionally, a Bursar refers to a professional who is responsible for the management of funds in an educational institution. In the UK, Bursar jobs are available in higher education institutions, universities, colleges, primary and secondary schools. A Bursar is also called a School Business Manager and is also responsible for some administrative duties that depend on the scope of their qualifications. Schools have numerous financial requirements, which usually involve large budgets. An individual aspiring to become a bursar should not only be financially savvy, but have the right people skills to deal with school governors and local governments.

Bursar Jobs Education Requirements

Entry level school business manager jobs require at least a School Business Management Level 4 Diploma. An individual starting as a school administrator needs at least five GCSEs, and that should include English and maths. With further training and experience, a secretary or school administrator can move up to school business manager. Qualifications in Accounting and Finance are a standard requirement for bursar vacancies, so a professional degree or professional qualifications such as ACCA is significant.

Bursar Jobs Market

The UK has a considerable number of opportunities for Bursar jobs with the National Career Service predicting that the sector will employ over 1.3 million people by 2020. An individual with the right qualifications can look for Bursar vacancies in an independent school, academy, free school, state college or local education authorities. A majority of schools have some form of Bursar roles that bundle up various responsibilities that range from recruiting school staff to handling contracts. As the need for better education quality and services increase, so does the demand for transparent financial and education management. This need is what provides chances for individuals who want to move to school administrator jobs.

Bursar Jobs Salary information

Entry level Bursar jobs come with a mean salary of £25k per year with senior positions earning up to £70k with benefits. A job at an independent school may come with benefits such as private health insurance, company car and accommodation. Bursar vacancies in state schools and colleges have to be made after considering the local government pay scales.

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