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Assistant Manager Jobs Overview Assistant manager jobs can be highly flexible and rewarding for those who are eager to ...

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Assistant Manager Jobs Overview

Assistant manager jobs can be highly flexible and rewarding for those who are eager to accept challenges, and who are able to take charge of projects. There are several discrete roles within this wide category. Some examples can include store manager jobs, retail sales assistants, junior financial officers and team leaders. This is advantageous, as applicants can often find the exact role that they have been looking for.

Assistant Manager Jobs Educational Requirements

The type of education required will vary from role to role. Many companies will also stipulate that they provide a certain amount of on-the-job training or orientation courses. However, it is wise to obtain at least a two-year degree in fields like Business Management or Accounting. A BSc diploma is even better, due to the increased amount of competition in relation to any Assistant Manager job.

Assistant Manager Jobs Market

Due to the sheer number and variety of roles within the United Kingdom, the market for assistant manager jobs is relatively strong, and should remain so in the foreseeable future. National Careers Service points out that the need for experienced full-time staff is significant. These roles are said to comprise 81 percent of the total labour force. As an assistant manager job can be a gateway into a senior position, many applicants will first begin by taking on deputy manager jobs and similar roles. Those who are searching for an opportunity to rise high within the corporate sector could consider the nation's major cities, such as London or Birmingham, but opportunities are not exclusive to these locations.

Assistant Manager Jobs Salary Information

Payscale has highlighted that the average Assistant Manager salary equates to £19,615 pounds per year. Bonuses, profit sharing and commissions are not included within this figure. The actual amount earned could, therefore, be much higher. When these are taken into account, an assistant manager could make as much as £30,000 pounds by the end of the tax year.

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