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Army Jobs Overview

Playing an essential part in the defence of the nation, the Army also cooperates internationally with the USA, European Union, and other allies. The British Army has over two hundred roles available: soldiers, army officer jobs, and army reserve jobs, including engineering jobs, mechanics, infantry jobs, and supply specialists. In addition, the armed forces now follow equality and diversity policies; women now serve in support roles for ground combat operations and also fly Army Air Corps aircraft.

Army Jobs Education Requirements

Although many vacancies do not have minimum formal qualifications for enlistment, there are certain requirements for some positions and trades. Some technical roles require three GCSE or equivalent passes (including maths and English language), for instance. For officer training, the lower age limit is eighteen years and a minimum of seven GCSE or SNQ passes (and points) are required, including science or a foreign language.

Army Jobs Market

Civilian jobs working as a Ministry of Defence (MoD) employee alongside Army personnel are available on some bases. Opportunities include workshop and supply chain tasks, as well as medical and educational support. Current Army vacancies include logistics, guardsmen, tank crew-members, nurses, engineers, intelligence operatives, and musicians as well as human resource specialists. Geo-support technicians to manage geographic data using IT and other systems are also in demand. Officer careers exist in personnel administration and management, engineering, catering, medicine, logistics, intelligence, and other areas.

Army Jobs Salaries

To become a regular soldier, a minimum engagement of four years (from the age of eighteen) is required, although young soldiers may join from their sixteenth birthday. New entrants into the ranks can expect to receive £14,637 per annum rising to between £18,125 and £20,727 (private soldier, 2015). Some roles have higher pay; experience and performance are also rewarded. The Reserves pay for training days and offer a tax-free training bonus and (from 2015) a non-contributory pension. A medical and security clearance are required; upper age limits also apply.

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