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Architecture Job Overview From an extremely broad perspective, the job of an architect is to propose designs for new ...

Architectural Metals Estimator

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Architectural Technician

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Architecture Job Overview

From an extremely broad perspective, the job of an architect is to propose designs for new buildings and implement changes or additions to existing structures. One interesting aspect of this trade is that an architect will remain involved throughout the building process; from inception until completion. As this role requires a great deal of knowledge, architects are some of the most respected professionals in the entire construction industry. Some roles can include a chartered architect, a commercial developer or even a marine architect.

Architecture Job Education Requirements

Obtaining a position as an architect will require a great deal of study. This generally begins with seven years of scholastic and practical courses. Thereafter, one will be able to register with the Architect's Registration Board (ARB). This protocol is dictated by the Royal Institute of British Architecture (RIBA). Classroom education, stringent examinations and practical experience are all necessary to obtain a position in this field. Additionally, most architects are encouraged to continue their studies even if they have been accepted into a position. This is known as continuous professional development (CPD). In addition to these demanding educational requirements, anyone considering this field must be prepared for demanding studies, a highly challenging work atmosphere and should boast an ability to work well with other professionals in the field.

Architecture Job Market

Most analysts feel that the market for architects throughout the United Kingdom is in a state of recovery and will continue to burgeon into the foreseeable future. This is mainly due to an increased amount of building projects in urban areas alongside the need to renovate existing structures to meet modern demands. It is of particular interest to observe that architects who possess a knowledge of environmentally friendly designs are in particularly high demand.

Architecture Job Salaries

Statistics show that the average salary for an architect within the United Kingdom is £39,856 pounds per year. Of course, these wages can fluctuate a great deal. This will primarily depend upon the employer, any experience and the specific region of the country (urban versus rural).

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