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Construction Job Overview Throughout the United Kingdom, construction is one of the most essential industries that ...

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Construction Job Overview

Throughout the United Kingdom, construction is one of the most essential industries that primes the economic "pump" of society. Although this sector can be defined by several variables, one can generally view construction as supplying physical infrastructure to both public and private organisations, enabling domestic growth and an increase in business operations. Of course, it should come as no surprise that the applicant can become employed in a number of fields. Examples can be a construction engineer, a glazing specialist, an air conditioning technician or a heavy equipment mechanic.

Construction Job Education Requirements

Although entry-level roles as a labourer may require no initial qualifications, senior managers will need to possess a bachelor's or master's degree in construction-related fields. Furthermore, he or she must be recognised by the Engineering Council UK and any other relevant professional institutions. It is wise to seek membership in organisations such as the Association for Project Management or the Chartered Institute of Building. The applicant should have excellent communication skills alongside a strong work ethic. On-the-job training is also highly valued within the industry; particularly due to a larger influx of skilled construction workers than in the past.

Construction Job Market

The United Kingdom is experiencing what many analysts call a "boom" in the construction sector during the last few years. As businesses gain more liquidity, investments into new projects have become more viable. This is specifically seen in larger urban development proposals. This trend is perhaps most noteworthy in southern England and in cities such as London. However, this must be contrasted against a higher level of competition and the ability to employ modern technology (such as computers) into many projects. Nonetheless, many observe that this sector will continue to see sustainable growth into the near future.

Construction Job Salaries

According to statistics published during the first half of 2014, the average salary that a construction manager can expect to enjoy is £30,263 pounds per year. Note that this is nearly five thousand pounds higher than 2013 wages.

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