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Administration Job Overview Every industry generates paperwork, which is why administration jobs are so widely ...

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Administration Job Overview

Every industry generates paperwork, which is why administration jobs are so widely available. Administrators may be responsible for everything from letter writing to keeping basic accounts, reception work, record keeping, document organisation and ordering. Positions vary between those which require specialist knowledge, for example hospital administrators, to those that need more general skills. Successful candidates are expected to be highly computer literate and also extremely well-organised. They also need to be flexible, as administrative staff are often key in organising changes in office procedures, ensuring new projects run smoothly and dealing with major events. Because administrators are required in all industry sectors, there is considerable potential for career development and lateral moves as well as progressing upwards to more senior positions. This type of role is often available as a part-time post and there may be opportunities to work from home or remotely.

Administration Job Education Requirements

Most employers expect junior level administrative assistants to have basic qualifications in maths and English, in addition to a broad, general education. Touch typing skills and computer literacy are also valuable attributes for an administrator to possess. More senior positions typically require a higher level of experience and may call for industry specific qualifications. Employers looking for an admin manager may well expect the successful candidate to be a graduate. Administrators can often be promoted as they gain experience without the need for additional qualifications, provided they can demonstrate their competence in the role.

Administration Job Market

The demand for administrative workers remains high and constant, particularly for basic level administrative assistants. The vast majority of private businesses and public sector organisations require administrative support, so job seekers that can demonstrate transferable skills are likely to find that there are numerous employment opportunities which they can take advantage of.

Administration Job Salaries

The varied nature of the role means that there is also a wide variation in salary. Administrative workers can expect to earn anything between £17,000pa and £25,000pa, with average earnings being £21,000pa for full-time work.

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