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Account Manager Jobs Overview An account manager is responsible for maintaining good working relationships with a ...

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Account Manager Jobs Overview

An account manager is responsible for maintaining good working relationships with a company's clients in order to generate on-going business. To do this, the account manager job implies having an excellent knowledge of the product or service provided, and a clear understanding of exactly what a client's needs are. Aside from possessing great communication and conflict resolution skills, an account manager must ensure that excellent channels of communication exist between client services personnel and sales teams, so that deadlines and budgets are not exceeded. Motivating a team to drive a business forward is the central aim of account manager jobs.

Account Manager Jobs Educational Requirements

Employers will generally require a business or marketing-related degree for the position of account manager. However, a solid background in marketing and a proven track record in sales, and customer relations are equally as important. A candidate must also exhibit excellent analytical and interpersonal skills as well as strong written and verbal communication abilities. They may also need to monitor changing market trends, so that a thorough understanding of the relevant solutions available is crucial.

Account Manager Jobs Market

Account managers are most in demand at large sales or marketing focused organisations looking to promote a product or service and to establish a solid client base. The field is very dynamic, and the core responsibilities sometimes merge with those of business development manager jobs, area sales manager jobs, or even marketing jobs. The position is relevant to a large section of the retail industry, and vacancies are frequently on offer. Accounting firms, large retailers and even PR firms are another significant source of employment opportunities.

Account Manager Jobs Salary Information

The seniority of an account manager job and the level of the duties involved will largely determine the salary on offer. A junior position generally offers a salary of between £22,000 and £27,000, while at senior level, salaries can reach £50,000 and above. Commissions and bonuses may also apply, which can substantially raise the income attached to account manager jobs.

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