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ACCA Jobs Overview Accountancy jobs are suitable for those with a strong love of maths, excellent organisational ...

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ACCA Jobs Overview

Accountancy jobs are suitable for those with a strong love of maths, excellent organisational skills and the ability to concentrate for extended periods of time. ACCA - the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants - is a major accountancy qualification focusing on accounting for businesses. ACCA jobs are varied and opportunities abound in the public and private sector as all financial and transactions need to be reported and accounted. There are many roles within the profession. Chartered accountants usually work for independent companies, while certified accountants are often employed within large organisations.

ACCA Jobs Education Requirements

A degree in accountancy and finance is not strictly necessary for many ACCA vacancies, although many find it extremely helpful. The globally recognised ACCA qualification is, however, a prerequisite for ACCA vacancies. The completion of the higher units is widely regarded as the equivalent of a master's degree.

ACCA Jobs Market

Accountants with some work experience and an ACCA qualification can choose from a wide variety of global jobs, as the qualification is recognised in 170 countries. There is no shortage of vacancies for accountants and it is a profession that is safe from an economic recession, although advances in technology are currently driving significant changes in the sector. A qualified accountant can look forward to a varied and interesting career. Positions are available at all levels, from an assistant accountant job to a senior accountant job. London, as the financial centre of the country, is the hub of the nation's accountants but vacancies are available across the country in small towns, as well as cities.

ACCA Jobs Salary Information

Accountancy and finance are integral to the world economy and accountancy jobs consequently command high salaries, especially in the public sector, where positions also often offer benefits, such as healthcare, holidays and generous pensions. A trainee accountant in the UK earns an average of £17,000 per annum, although this is frequently higher in London. Senior accountants, or partners within blue chip companies, can expect to command annual salaries in excess of £100,000.

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