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Welwyn Garden City, Home Counties Employment Information

Welwyn Garden City Overview According to the Garden City and Town Planning Association, a garden city is a town that ...

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Welwyn Garden City, Home Counties
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Welwyn Garden City Overview

According to the Garden City and Town Planning Association, a garden city is a town that provides a full measure of social life for residents through its design. The land in a garden city is owned by the public or in a community trust. Welwyn Garden City, also called WGC, is in Hertfordshire. Housing prices have experienced a steep hike recently due to price rises in surrounding regions such as London. The town has well-established transport links with three different companies providing bus services. Individuals considering jobs in Welwyn Garden City can expect to catch buses every 15-20 minutes on weekdays. For someone moving there with a family, there are five secondary schools, among them a science and sports college. There are also buses to the University of Hertfordshire. Residents also benefit from a service that runs to Heathrow airport.

Welwyn Garden City Job Opportunities

Over the years, WGC has convinced various companies to set up camp, including International companies such as Carl Zeiss and Henleys Medical Supplies Ltd, which provide a number of marketing jobs, sales jobs and administration jobs. The planning of the garden city provides space for various retail stores, such as the redeveloped Sainsbury, and the transport links to the capital and other major towns make WGC an ideal commuter town.

Welwyn Garden City Employment Trends

As the town continues to develop, more business opportunities are presenting themselves, offering employment in different sectors. With the addition of the Lister Hospital at Stevenage in 2015, residents have access to more medical services and new jobs are being created as a result. The leisure facilities in WGC are of a high high standard, improving the quality of life of residents significantly. There is also an annual water carnival event in the park and a firework display every year that brings a lot of people to the town. These events and facilities demonstrate to businesses that WGC can attract investors and has a lot of growth potential.

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