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Watford Overview The town of Watford, Hertfordshire – not to be confused with Watford, Northamptonshire – is situated ...

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Watford, Home Counties
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Watford Overview

The town of Watford, Hertfordshire – not to be confused with Watford, Northamptonshire – is situated in southern England, approximately 17 miles northwest of central London. Located just inside the M25 motorway, the town already has excellent road and rail links. The Croxley Rail Link, due for completion by 2018, will extend the Metropolitan line to Watford Junction and provide trains into London every 10 minutes during peak periods.

According to a press release by Atlantis Property, the monthly cost of living in Watford is over £1,500 per month, including rent, council tax and commuting. However, this figure is still much lower than the average monthly rent alone in London.

Watford Job Opportunities

Watford is a key business location, with over 3,500 local, national and international business names, including Camelot, Warner Bros. and TK Maxx, in the town. The Warner Bros. Studio Tour – London, a public attraction dedicated to the making of the Harry Potter films – was opened at Leavesden Studios in 2012 and attracts 5,000 visitors a day.

In Watford you can find information technology jobs, leisure, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and retail jobs, plus financial jobs and roles in professional services and many more. According to Manny Lewis, Managing Director of Watford Borough Council, the £100 million redevelopment of the Charter Place shopping centre in the town centre will create over 1,000 new jobs in the hospitality, leisure and retail sectors.

Watford Employment Trends

Watford is famous as a commuter town, but the number of jobs available per capita of the working population, also known as the job density, is actually higher than in London itself. The business community is already thriving and with, plans for redevelopment of the town centre and a major new transport infrastructure already underway, seems likely to do so for many years to come. According to Mayor of Watford, the number of Watford residents claiming jobseeker's allowance is well below the national average and unemployment in the town continues to fall.

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