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Wales offers a lower cost of living when compared to other portions of the United Kingdom, but maintains a high ...

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Wales offers a lower cost of living when compared to other portions of the United Kingdom, but maintains a high standard of living at the same time. For instance, a study conducted by the Wales City Council found that 2016 gross weekly earnings averaged £566 pounds while the mean price of a home was £144,000 pounds (compared to a nationwide average of £216,000 pounds). Information on the Wales Government website states that the mean rental price of a 2-bedroom flat was £495 per month in 2016, while for a 3-bedroom flat it was at £550. Given the draw of the country, there are plenty of employment opportunities.

Wales Job Opportunities

Historically speaking, Wales has always been associated with the manufacturing sector. It is, therefore, likely that candidates with even a moderate amount of experience will be able to find many manufacturing jobs in Wales. Also, the customer service sector has seen above-average growth when compared to the rest of the United Kingdom. The official Welsh governmental website noted that this is particularly the case in reference to client relations and public services. It stands to reason that sales consultant jobs in Wales and similar trades should be in high demand. It is also worth pointing out that the GDP of Wales has steadily grown over the years. The Welsh government noted that it increased by three per cent in 2015 alone, which is promising for the job sector.

Wales Employment Trends

As mentioned previously, the economy of Wales tends to be dominated by the service sector. However, the news website Wales Online notes that tourism is enjoying an increasing important role. Cities such as Cardiff are becoming defined by this sector as the Welsh countryside continues to attract visitors from across the United Kingdom (as well as from abroad). Supporting positions within the tourism industry such as cook jobs in Wales are understandably in high demand. Much like the rest of the United Kingdom, many feel that electronics and the digital industry will help to create more potential opportunities as the demand for these products continues to grow.

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