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Swindon, South West Employment Information

With a total population of more than 215,000, Swindon is the largest urban centre in Wiltshire. The city's population ...

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With a total population of more than 215,000, Swindon is the largest urban centre in Wiltshire. The city's population growth rates situate it among the 12 fastest-growing urban areas in the United Kingdom. A 2016 survey carried out by a credit comparison site listed Swindon as one of the most affordable towns in the country, citing additional perks like low unemployment, a central location, and excellent transportation links with the rest of the UK. Property prices have been rising steadily, but they are still significantly lower than in nearby cities like Bristol or Oxford.

Swindon Job Opportunities

A Centre for Cities report published in 2016 revealed that Swindon is one of the most innovative and knowledge-intensive towns in the United Kingdom. The majority of jobs in Swindon have traditionally involved roles in manufacturing, life sciences, business services, energy, engineering, IT and communications. Moreover, and for several years, Swindon has provided a broad range of finance jobs, since a number of the UK’s financial institutions (such as Nationwide and Zurich) are headquartered here. As a knowledge-based economy and an emerging hub for digital and creative industries, creative jobs in Swindon are also common here, particularly for professionals with skills in web design, digital content production, marketing and advertising.

Swindon Employment Trends

According to the Swindon Health and Wellbeing Board, by 2031 the local working-age population will account for nearly 40% of total population growth. This increase in workforce numbers will be accompanied by a rise in certain occupations, including self-employment, as the centralised location and affordable standard of living attract new residents. Data provided by Swindon Borough Council suggest that in the medium to long-term, the fastest-growing sectors in Swindon will be construction, ICT, banking, finance, and occupations in professional, scientific and technical fields. Candidate shortages are still an issue in skilled trades, with cybersecurity, technical sectors, and scientific professions continuing to be growth points for the local economy, encouraged by the fact that wages for jobs in Swindon have been steadily increasing over the past few years.

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