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Swansea, Wales Employment Information

Wales's second largest city, Swansea is a university town with a vibrant young community and high levels of employment ...

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Wales's second largest city, Swansea is a university town with a vibrant young community and high levels of employment in the education sector. Other sectors with high rates of employment include retail and public administration, with healthcare jobs in Swansea employing the highest numbers. The general cost of living in Wales is lower than the rest of the United Kingdom, with house prices in Swansea averaging £166,805; well below the national UK average of £216,000. Current proposals to transform the city centre into an international shopping destination make this coastal city an attractive place to consider working and living in.

Swansea Job Opportunities

Almost half of those employed in Swansea are drawn from just four sectors: education, public administration, retail and health. Working in education and public administration in Wales tends to require some knowledge of the Welsh language, while retail and healthcare offer more general employment opportunities.

Public administration jobs in Swansea are numerous, with government funding going into initiatives to help promote growth in the private sector. General administrative roles are also found in a range of different businesses, including legal, financial and manufacturing.

The health industry employs 17.5 percent of the city's working population; healthcare jobs in Swansea offer a variety of roles, from care workers to medical consultants, and researches to doctors, making it a prime location for applicants looking for work in this sector.

Swansea Employment Trends

With the city centre undergoing redevelopment, there are proposals to turn Swansea into an international shopping destination. A 3,500-seat arena capable of hosting conferences and international performers, along with leisure amenities and a dedicated street for high-value brand outlets are some of the plans outlined by Swansea City Council. As Swansea already has a high number of employees in the retail sector, this would create opportunities for those wishing to develop their careers in this area. It is also estimated it would create thousands of jobs in tourism and events management, and opportunities for those in the service industries, as well as providing the potential for new business development.

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