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Sutton Coldfield, Midlands Employment Information

Sutton Coldfield Overview Sutton Coldfield, also known as the Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield, is a suburb of ...

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Sutton Coldfield Overview

Sutton Coldfield, also known as the Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield, is a suburb of Birmingham. Largely a residential area, there are plenty of shopping areas and green spaces to explore, including the vast expanse of Sutton Park. As a commuter town serving the wider area, the local jobs Sutton Coldfield are primarily found in the services sector, in particularly in retail, leisure and finance. According to rightmove.co.uk, local house prices, which average around £280,000, are similar to Wylde Green to the south, though prices vary across the local wards. The Four Oaks Park Estate is a particularly affluent area, home to many of the town's millionaires.

Sutton Coldfield Job Opportunities

The service sector accounts for a significant proportion of the jobs Sutton Coldfield generates. Finance jobs are particularly strong in positions such as account assistance, financial management and credit control. Candidates hoping to work in finance have to display a responsible attitude, as well as skills in IT and a great commercial awareness, as well as being talented in communication. Retail is another important sector in Sutton Coldfield, with three large shopping centres and various high streets dotted throughout the town. There is a range of sales jobs in retail at all levels, from sales assistance to store management, offering plenty of opportunity for career progression.

Sutton Coldfield Employment Trends

According to the Sutton Coldfield Constituency Economic & Employment Profile, Sutton Coldfield jobs have increased in the private sector in recent years. Overall, 74% of people in the town are employed, and 81% are economically active. There are an estimated 33,900 jobs in the town, making Sutton Coldfield the fifth largest job economy in Birmingham. For the future, the surrounding Green Belt area will be targeted for various development projects that will build around 6,000 new residential properties and more space for investment from businesses.

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