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Stourbridge, Midlands Employment Information

Stourbridge Overview Famous for its thriving Glass industry, Stourbridge has both industrial and rural traits. Thanks ...

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Stourbridge, Midlands
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Stourbridge Overview

Famous for its thriving Glass industry, Stourbridge has both industrial and rural traits. Thanks to things like the beautiful local scenery and the availability of housing to suit all budgets, the area promises a good quality of life. There is also a strong creative community here, due to the glass industry, which makes Stourbridge attractive to many different businesses. Stourbridge is located right on the edge of the "Black Country", just a fifteen minute drive from Birmingham City.

There is a strong engineering culture in Stourbridge, and thanks to the excellent Schools and colleges the town boasts an outstanding skill base. According to Express and Star, housing prices averaged £203,468 in 2011, with prices increasing steadily by about 1% each year.

Stourbridge Job Opportunities

Jobs in Stourbridge vary greatly, and there is usually something to match all skill levels. Newly qualified graduates in particular are likely to find a wealth of opportunities such as construction sales jobs, and of course manufacturing. There are however, many other jobs to be found here. The town centre recently underwent a £50 million renovation adding a host of big name stores to Stourbridge and opening up plenty of job opportunities.

A large Tesco Anchor store is situated here as well as other well-known retailers such as Subway and Timpsons. This means that there is usually a healthy demand for employees of various skill levels. Some of the more recent examples of great opportunities include Kitchen Staff for Heritage Manor and a Senior Support Worker for Safe Harbour.

Stourbridge Employment Trends

As Stourbridge is mostly a retail and manufacturing town, there is generally a large increase in job opportunities around the holidays (primarily Christmas). However, employment activity does not dry up completely outside of the holiday season. Stourbridge is an attractive option for new businesses which helps to ensure a steady requirement for talented workers. The Compass Group are just one such company to recently opened up stores in the area, creating several brand new opportunities and increasing the availability of jobs in Stourbridge.

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