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Stirling, Scotland Employment Information

Known as The Gateway to the Highlands due to its location, Stirling is a market town with a population of approximately ...

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Known as The Gateway to the Highlands due to its location, Stirling is a market town with a population of approximately 46,000. This means that a little over half the 90,000 residents of the Stirling council region live within the urban area of Stirling. As it sits centrally, it is estimated that half the population of Scotland live within an hour's distance of the city, lending itself well to a commuter hub. Quality of life is good, thanks to excellent amenities and public transport, along with environmental improvements. In 2016, Stirling was named as the most affordable Scottish city to buy property in by the Lloyds Bank Affordable Cities Review. While the cost of living is significantly lower than in nearby Edinburgh, the average Stirling household earns more than the average for Scotland.

Stirling Job Opportunities

Because of its position in Scotland, Stirling has always been a centre for trade and communications. Today, shopping centres and retail parks provide the operations and logistics jobs in Stirling as well as work in retail. Stirling is popular with tourists, thanks to its castle and the Wallace Monument, making jobs available in the tourism and hospitality sectors. The University of Stirling is a centre for research, offering research jobs in Stirling as well as academic positions. With the journey from Edinburgh taking approximately an hour by road or rail, the surrounding area is also popular with commuters.

Stirling Employment Trends

Employment levels in Stirling are slightly higher than the national average, although there are small pockets of high unemployment. A regeneration project to build a major retail, residential and business centre in the former port area is creating jobs, and this centre will provide even more employment when the development is complete. In terms of population, the Stirling council area is one of Scotland's most rapidly growing regions, with the population projected to increase by 16.3% from 2012 statistics by the year 2037. Numbers of elderly residents are set to rise, leading to an increase in healthcare jobs in Stirling.

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