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Stamford, Midlands Employment Information

Stamford Overview Stamford, Lincolnshire is a town full of history, as is evident from the myriads of architectural ...

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Stamford Overview

Stamford, Lincolnshire is a town full of history, as is evident from the myriads of architectural marvels that can be found here. In 2013, the town took the top spot in the Sunday Times’ annual list of best places to live in the UK. It was also the first place to be named a conservation town in 1967. Stamford offers a quaint and quiet home and office location. The town has Lincoln to the North, Peterborough to the South, and Leicester to the West. There are trains from Stamford to Peterborough every day, and the cathedral city is only about 45 minutes away by rail from London. Workers in Stamford can easily access the capital and other surrounding regions. House prices have gone up over the years, as more people settle into the town. In 2013, terraced houses averaged £234,122, detached homes were valued at £292,671, on average, and semi-detached properties were worth about £179,396. The high quality of education that the town offers is another reason families settle in the area. It also has above-average healthcare standards, which is essential to those considering jobs in Stamford.

Stamford Job Opportunities

Tourism has been fueling the economy of the town for a long time. The Burghley House holds various events every year, resulting in tens of thousands of people flocking to the town, and providing opportunities for event manager jobs in Stamford. The limestone and slate quarries in the town have been supplying the countless local buildings constructed with distinctive Stamford style. There are various job openings in the quarries, mainly in construction. The town is home to several companies, such as RAF Wittering and Cummins Generator Technologies, that have been responsible for most of the engineering jobs in the area.

Stamford Employment Trends

As more people discover this Lincolnshire town, the population continues to grow, leading to more jobs in Stamford. State-of-the-art transport links make it possible for entrepreneurs to put up businesses here. With an increasing population. The high level of education ensures that there is a skilled workforce available for different types of Stamford jobs. With so much to see from the Burghley House and the Georgian architecture to the Rutland Water, tourists continue to visit the place, providing great opportunities for employment in different sectors.

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