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Scunthorpe, Midlands Employment Information

According to Rightmove, the average price of property in Scunthorpe over the last twelve months was just over £118,000. ...

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According to Rightmove, the average price of property in Scunthorpe over the last twelve months was just over £118,000. This figure represented a 3% rise, year on year, but property prices in Scunthorpe were still 15% cheaper than the nearby town of Bottesford and 31% and 38% cheaper, respectively, than the nearby villages of Messingham and Scotter. However, property prices vary widely within Scunthorpe; according to the Scunthorpe Telegraph, the average property price on the outskirts of the town were £309,000 in 2016, while in the cheapest street in the town, the average property price was just £39,000. According to Numbeo, the average monthly net salary in Scunthorpe is £1,450, or 19% lower than the national average of £1,780. According to Whatuni, the average cost of living for a student studying in Scunthorpe is £9,600 per annum and a pint of beer costs £3.30 on average.

Scunthorpe Job Opportunities

Traditionally, jobs in Scunthorpe have been dominated by steelmaking and Scunthorpe steelworks, now back in the hands of British Steel, remains a major source of manufacturing jobs in Scunthorpe. Other major employers in Scunthorpe include Nisa Retail Group, formerly Nisa-Today, which is the largest buying group for independent retailers and wholesalers in the country, so sales jobs in Scunthorpe are very much in evidence. Manufacturing, business and retail jobs aside, healthcare jobs in Scunthorpe are becoming an increasingly important part of the local economy, while other growth sectors include chemicals, food, leisure and tourism and logistics.

Scunthorpe Employment Trends

Recent inward investment in Scunthorpe has included £60 million from the private sector for the regeneration of the town centre. According to the Yorkshire Post, British Steel, which employs around 3,000 people in Scunthorpe, is still recruiting. According to Careers Yorkshire and the Humber, the most frequently advertised jobs in North Lincolnshire in 2016 were secondary teacher, sales representative and registered general nurse, in that order, although office and administrative jobs, primary school teacher and web developer jobs in Scunthorpe also showed distinctly upward trends when compared with the previous year.

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