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Saint Albans, Home Counties Employment Information

St Albans Overview In recent years, St Albans has gone from being predominantly a commuter town to having a solid ...

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Saint Albans, Home Counties
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St Albans Overview

In recent years, St Albans has gone from being predominantly a commuter town to having a solid economy that offers plenty of job opportunities to skilled professionals. According to a 2014 article published by The Herts Advertiser, St Albans is one of the top 10 best places to live in the UK. This Hertfordshire town ranks high in terms of weekly earnings (above the national average at over £29,000), economic activity, health and well-being, and low crime rates. St Albans has attracted many professionals thanks to its active economy and relatively low cost of living, which can be more than 44 per cent lower than London in terms of housing alone.

St Albans Job Opportunities

The local city council reports that St Albans has a higher-than-average job density, set at 0.87. Jobs in St Albans are mostly available in sectors like wholesale and retail; professional, technical, and scientific occupations; education; healthcare and social work; finance and insurance; and information and communication. Other vacancies readily available include construction jobs, administrative and office support jobs, and manufacturing. In addition, the visitor economy is an important source of employment and income in St Albans, and provides more than 2,500 catering and hospitality jobs locally.

St Albans Employment Trends

Job creation is an integral part of the St Albans City and District Council economic development strategy, which focuses on delivering growth by fostering job creation in three strategic sectors: the visitor economy, research and development, and professional and business services. In particular, it is expected that employment growth will concentrate in the short and medium term in occupations like accountancy, legal services, chartered surveying, real estate, financial services, hospitality and retail management, construction, green technologies, and advanced engineering, as well as managerial positions in the R&D sector.

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