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Runcorn, North West Employment Information

Runcorn Overview Runcorn is a town in Halton, Cheshire, with a rich industrial history and strong links to Liverpool. ...

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Runcorn Overview

Runcorn is a town in Halton, Cheshire, with a rich industrial history and strong links to Liverpool. Sitting on the southern bank of the Mersey, this 70,000-strong town has seen an economic resurgence of jobs in Runcorn thanks to investment in infrastructure such as the Mersey Gateway Bridge Project.

Geographically, Runcorn has plenty of open green areas that break up dense housing locations, including a heathland and large park. The local train station, Runcorn railway station, lies on the West Coast Main Line and sees regular services to wider afield from Liverpool to London. In the North West, where Runcorn is located, cost of living is generally lower than in southern areas.

Runcorn Job Opportunities

The old and new industries in Runcorn are generally concentrated to particular areas. In the southwest older factories can be found including a chemical manufacturing facility owned by Ineos ChlorVinyls. They produce chlorine, heavy chemicals and fluorine. Newer industry developments are located to the southeast and northeast including the Whitehouse Industrial Estate, where a growing number of logistics jobs in businesses such as Freight First and Servisair become available.

Ineos ChlorVinyls is one of the top employers in Halton, providing jobs in Runcorn for 1,400 people. Two Runcorn shopping centres in town offer good job opportunities in the service industry. Other businesses found in Runcorn include waste management company Viridor, and cable manufacturer Ventcroft.

Runcorn Employment Trends

Employment in Halton has shifted from manufacturing and more and more customer service jobs are on offer for the last 20 years, according to official statistics. In 2004 78% of employment was in services, up 17% from 1991, while manufacturing went down by 17%.

The unemployment rate in Halton was recorded by the DWP as having fallen at a faster rate than the wider Merseyside area from May 2014, with those seeking work falling by 23%. This is due an improving economy and investment projects such as the Mersey Gateway Bridge, which will link Runcorn to Widnes by 2017.

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