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Romford, London Employment Information

Romford Overview An urban town situated in East London, Havering, Romford is a significant commercial centre outside ...

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Romford Overview

An urban town situated in East London, Havering, Romford is a significant commercial centre outside of the capital. Linked by a number of trains and buses, the town enjoys an accessibility score of 6. Romford has a fair share of entertainment and leisure facilities, several primary, secondary schools and colleges and churches.

Romford Urban Strategy, which outlines the regeneration plan for this town, strives to improve its commercial, residential, cultural and connectivity aspects. The effort has seen a marked difference over the last 5-10 years, making Romford the fourth largest retail centre in London, creating sales assistant job opportunities. With plans to improve residential development and work opportunities, Romford is all set to be a key destination in the Thames Gateway area in another decade.

Romford Job Opportunities

Jobs in Romford are generated primarily by the town's growing commercial and service sectors, therefore customer service jobs are common in Romford. Aon, a global outsourcing and HR firm, has its office in Romford. Significant presence of the light industry, retail firms and offices also are indicative of the diverse employment opportunities in this town. Interestingly, entertainment and leisure facilities also play a significant role in the local economy, creating quite a few jobs in Romford. The town is also home to the largest open market run by the Havering Council, which also rents out shops in this area for those looking to expand their businesses in Romford.

Romford Employment Trends

Romford is a shopper's paradise attracting nearly 21 million visitors a year. There's no shortage of Jobs in Romford – be it at the commercial offices at the town's retail, entertainment or hospitality sector. According to the Romford Recorder, an old nightclub in town is likely to be redeveloped into a 54-room apartment hotel. The project, once cleared by Havering Council, is expected to create new jobs.

Reportedly, 40% of people employed at the town centre work in commercial offices. With the residential infrastructure set to improve, with new homes being developed by 2020, job prospects too are expected to spike.

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