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Retford, Midlands Employment Information

Retford Overview The market town of Retford, Nottinghamshire is basically a commercial hub, home to several retail ...

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Retford Overview

The market town of Retford, Nottinghamshire is basically a commercial hub, home to several retail establishments both large and small, with an active market springing up thrice a week. Well connected by rail to Sheffield, Lincoln and London, the town is also served by air, bus services from the nearby Robin Hood Airport and the Retford bus stand, which is often commended for its infrastructure. Retford, an integral part of the history of the Pilgrim Fathers, also figures on the tourist maps of Nottinghamshire.

The Market Square, replete with other historical landmarks, is the centre of all action. Retford is also home to The Bassetlaw Museum, a couple of theatres, parks, reserves, and churches that make life here quite pleasant. From a selection of posh dwellings and traditional homes to Georgian and Victorian style properties, there's no dearth of housing options. Cost of living and housing prices in Retford are relatively low when compared to the rest of the country.

Retford Job Opportunities

The local economy is based on commercial establishments, with hardly 5% of space available for new ventures. There are teacher jobs, beautician roles and therapist jobs available in Retford generated by primary schools, health and fitness centres. The Retford Leisure Centre and the martial arts training academies also account for a few jobs in Retford. Nottingham County Council is a key source of administrative jobs in Retford. The local transport, forest reserve, boat club, Retford Times newspaper and other establishments also offer several job opportunities.

Retford Employment Trends

Interestingly, the Bassetlaw district housing this town, boasts of just 3.3% unemployment. John Mann, the district's recently re-elected Labour MP's words to Retford Times is worth a note. "Retford has played a very significant part in my win - lots of people there voted. We've got to bring jobs into Retford - it's a huge issue that hasn't been addressed. More employment land needs to be made available." Going by these words, employment opportunities in this town are likely to be more promising.

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