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Peterlee, Tyne-Tees Employment Information

Peterlee Overview A small, relatively new town, hardly 70 years old, Peterlee in Durham, was originally home to ...

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Peterlee Overview

A small, relatively new town, hardly 70 years old, Peterlee in Durham, was originally home to miners. Today, Peterlee, has all the basic amenities that offer a decent quality of life – including an annual cultural event, the Peterlee Show, usually held in September. The educational infrastructure is quite impressive with several primary, secondary schools, and the East Durham College located in the area.

Peterlee, however, is connected only by road, with bus services to Durham, Newcastle, Sunderland, Sedgefield, Stockton, Thornaby, Darlington, Spennymoor, Bishop Auckland and other cities and towns.

Peterlee Job Opportunities

The town is home to a large, hi-tech manufacturing facility of Caterpillar, the US truck maker. TRW, a manufacturer of car components catering to clients such as Toyota and Nissan, is sited in Peterlee. The North West Industrial Estate houses several production facilities, including that of Peterlee Glass Company. Companies such as Bristol Labs in the Whitehouse Business Park, and the clothes-maker, AMA, are creating quite a few jobs in Peterlee such as manufacturing jobs. Five apprentice positions at Caterpillar, reportedly received 1500 applications. Recent stats reveal that there were 17,000 jobs created in the north-east region in the past year, but unemployment rates stood at 7.4%. However, job opportunities do exist, such as engineering jobs and customer service jobs.

Peterlee Employment Trends

Several companies in this town have reportedly launched expansion drives, and hope to generate 800 jobs in Peterlee by 2017. TRW requires 300 people on new ventures and plans to fill these positions by 2018. AMA aims to increase staff strength by 12 each month to reach a headcount of 150 over one year. Supported by financial backing, Bristol Laboratories plans to hire 300 staff, while Peterlee Glass also has hiring plans in place. With employers across sectors ready to take on more staff, and long-term hiring plans in place, this seems the right time for those seeking employment, better jobs, or planning to switch careers to try for jobs in Peterlee.

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