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Peterborough, Anglia Employment Information

For those looking at jobs in Peterborough, when considering the cost of living and quality of life in the UK, the city ...

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Peterborough, Anglia
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For those looking at jobs in Peterborough, when considering the cost of living and quality of life in the UK, the city ranks well in both. According to uSwitch’s Quality of Life Index, employment is high at around 75%, and over half of those employed work a full 35-40 hour week - a high percentage compared to other similar cities. For those with young children, there is a large number of state, denominational and private schools at primary and secondary level. Independent and special schools are also available with three colleges for further education.

Peterborough Job Opportunities

Employment opportunities are good across all sectors, and gross earnings stand up well compared with the rest of the UK. Engineering jobs in Peterborough can be found at many companies, including some of the big names in heavy industrial and agricultural machinery manufacture. The electronic and digital revolution is faring well in the form of IT jobs in Peterborough with some of Europe’s biggest online companies established around the city. The area also actively encourages digital micro and start-up ventures. The energy and environmental sectors comprise over 350 companies, giving rise to environmental planning jobs in Peterborough, amongst other opportunities. The financial sector has maintained a strong position with head offices and call-centres established in the city, and all areas of the food and drink industry continue to thrive. With its eclectic mix of SME businesses, Peterborough provides the opportunity for employment in a range of working environments.

Peterborough Employment Trends

The outlook continues to look good in Peterborough. According to Opportunity Peterborough, the area continues to attract new businesses at a rate 43% above the national average of around 14.3% (ONS). Courses in engineering, techno-agriculture and finance are all included in the University Centre Peterborough, and other local higher education colleges‘ curricula. House building is above the national average with over 2,000 new homes of all types expected to become available in 2019. With ongoing investment from new and established businesses, a good selection of schools, and excellent colleges of further education, Peterborough seems set to continue with its better-than-average economic prospects.

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