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Oldbury, Midlands Employment Information

Oldbury Overview Oldbury is part of the Black Country. It serves as the administrative centre of Sandwell Borough. The ...

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Oldbury Overview

Oldbury is part of the Black Country. It serves as the administrative centre of Sandwell Borough. The town is considered a suitable place for families with young children due to its reputation as a quiet and safe environment. Just because the town is out of the way does not mean that reaching the city is a hassle. The transport link is well established, with one of the oldest stations, Sandwell and Dudley, still in operation. Whether commuting to Birmingham or London, residents have timely train services. Individuals with jobs in Oldbury looking to move to the town also have road transport alternatives through the M5, with access from Junction 2. Oldbury is surrounded by thriving residential areas that include Langley Green, Brandhall, Warley, Brades Village and Londonderry. Semi-detached houses in Oldbury average £200,000. The town offers a higher-than-average education system with Perryfields High ranking first in Sandwell in 2009.

Oldbury Job Opportunities

The West Midlands town of Oldbury covers a considerably wide region, which is characterised by industrial warehouses and factories that are responsible for a good number of jobs in Oldbury. Historically, the town has been at the core of the manufacturing business with pens, sweets, bottles, and cooker factories providing jobs in Oldbury. Over the years, the town has received massive expansions in the retail sector, and that has opened up prospects for sales jobs in Oldbury. Some of the most notable retail chains in the UK have had outlets in the town for decades. As shopping centres in the region serve a large number of residents, retail jobs have become viable opportunities for employment.

Oldbury Employment Trends

The Merry Hill Shopping Centre, which was developed in the 1980s, played a significant role in improving the business and job opportunities in Oldbury. There is also the relocation of the Black Country Housing Group to Sandwell, a move which improved the social-economics of the region. The Savacentre shopping complex did a lot to revive the town, as did the opening of the Sandwell Council House. A thriving economy provided a much-needed platform for local companies to grow and be able to offer more Jobs Oldbury residents can depend on.

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