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Oban, Scotland Employment Information

Oban Overview Located on the gorgeous West Scottish coast, Oban is in the local authority area of Argyll and Bute, ...

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Retail Assistant - Oban

Kingfisher Information Technology Services (UK) Ltd
Oban, Scotland
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Oban Overview

Located on the gorgeous West Scottish coast, Oban is in the local authority area of Argyll and Bute, offering administration jobs from time to time. As a resort town, it plays hosts to thousands of tourists during the summer months, and many Oban jobs can be found within the tourism industry. The town is also an important ferry port, with boats leaving all the time bound for the Hebrides. Equally, the famous whisky distillery was founded in the town as long ago as 1754, and still employs many local people, and the annual Highland Games -known as the Argyllshire Gathering- draw large crowds to Oban.

Oban Job Opportunities

A larger than average proportion of jobs in Oban are in the tourism and service sectors, and, according to the local council, around 39.5% of Oban jobs are within the public administration, education, and health sectors (compared to 30% for the rest of Scotland). Thanks to an investment of around £144 million, the town has big plans for the expansion of its marine tourism industry as well as its offshore renewables which should provide a source of new Oban jobs for the future. For private sector employees, Oban jobs include opportunities at the award-winning Oban Chocolate Co., with the Oban Whisky Distillery, and with the local ferry, tourism, hotels, restaurants, and transport companies.

Oban Empoyment Trends

In the period between 2002 and 2006, the population in Oban, along with that in the rest of the highlands, grew slightly. The population in Oban is also a little younger than average, meaning that there is a lot of energy and enthusiasm in the town, and the unemployment rate is lower than the Scottish average. Thanks to the town's popularity with tourists, and proximity to some of the Western Isles (55% of all Scottish ferry journeys begin or end in this area), Oban has a lot of seasonal and temporary jobs, particularly in the service sector in establishments such as restaurants, hotels, and bars, so there will be frequent training positions available.

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