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Nuneaton, Midlands Employment Information

Nuneaton in North Warwickshire is home to approximately 80,000 people. With access to good schools, excellent leisure ...

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Nuneaton in North Warwickshire is home to approximately 80,000 people. With access to good schools, excellent leisure facilities and an expanding economy, there has never been a better time to look at jobs in Nuneaton if you are considering a move to this attractive county. Property prices are also appealing. Rightmove estimate terraced properties fetch an average £126,000 and detached properties sell for £275,000 or more, with an overall property price average of £184,000. There are 24 primary schools serving Nuneaton, with 7 secondary schools and 5 colleges of further education. For those wishing to continue into higher education, the University of Warwick is just down the road, with other universities in Birmingham and Aston.

Nuneaton Job Opportunities

Generally noted for its large electronics interests, electrical engineers looking for jobs in Nuneaton are regularly sought in all areas of the industry. Nuneaton also has an active manufacturing and warehousing sector offering manufacturing, warehouse and administration jobs. With property refurbishment and house building ongoing, the construction industry continues to take on-site workers. Although the opening of the Rope Walk Shopping Centre was some 10 years ago, it continues to provide regular full and part-time employment in the retail sector, while the proliferation of cafes, restaurants and other leisure attractions provide jobs in the hospitality industry.

Nuneaton Employment Trends

Continued housing projects are providing both new and redeveloped properties to meet the growing demand for homes, as more people are attracted to the area. The rise in the demand for residential and business properties provides ample opportunities for those looking for jobs in Nuneaton at all levels of construction, development and sales. The retail industry also promises a wide variety of retail jobs in Nuneaton ranging from sales to management and fashion-related jobs, while jobs in the leisure industry are as varied. Vacancies may exist in hotel kitchens, at reception desks, or in management or public relations roles. The scope is as broad as that of any other expanding region of the UK, and salaries are in accordance with these.

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