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Newport, Wales Employment Information

The rolling hills, valleys, mountains and coastline of Newport, Gwent, draw not just Welshmen, but many from over the ...

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The rolling hills, valleys, mountains and coastline of Newport, Gwent, draw not just Welshmen, but many from over the border wishing to provide their families with a better quality of life. Looking for jobs in Newport could be that first step to a more satisfying lifestyle. According to Newport council, property prices in the area are just 59 percent of the national average. Add to that a cheaper shopping trolley, the city’s nearness to the M24, its dockland, coast, and proximity to the beautiful Wye Valley, and it’s easy to see why greater numbers are beginning to seek jobs in Newport. The city area is well served with primary schools, has a total of nine comprehensive schools and a number of colleges of further education, including the University of South Wales.

Newport Job Opportunities

Newport has four main areas of employment. The city’s large, popular, shopping and leisure area provides retail jobs in Newport, amongst other opportunities. Two large business parks near junctions 24 and 28 of the M4 provide a variety of engineering jobs in Newport. Process engineers, maintenance engineers, project engineers and development engineers are all required. Day and night warehouse operatives and assistants, forklift drivers and packers are also in short supply. With a thriving financial sector, manager jobs in Newport are available, where administrative clerks and document controllers are regularly in demand. The docks, part of Associated British Ports, regularly require general labourers, experienced forklift drivers, and HGV and coach drivers.

Newport Employment Trends

After the closing of steel production in the area, major regeneration plans had to be put in place to halt the decline of the third largest city in Wales. Those regeneration plans have made a major difference and are still ongoing. A 100 million pound International Convention Centre is due to open in 2019, and is expected to increase employment opportunities and bring an extra 70 million pounds to the city annually. In the east of the area, 1 billion pounds' worth of investment will provide 6,000 new jobs and 4,000 new builds over the next 20 years.

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