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Montrose, Scotland Employment Information

Montrose Overview Montrose, located in Angus, Scotland is one of the several resort towns in this scenic land, with ...

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Montrose, Scotland
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Montrose Overview

Montrose, located in Angus, Scotland is one of the several resort towns in this scenic land, with tourism primarily driving the local economy. Located about 38 miles from Dundee, between South and North Esk rivers, Montrose also serves as a commercial port for the oil and gas industry. The land’s rich cultural heritage, sporting and music activities, a golf club, Montrose Beach, Montrose Basin, a renowned wildlife reserve, picturesque setting plus availability of essential facilities make this town quite appealing. Montrose is served by BT fibre-optic connectivity! The town is also home to several churches and active religious groups.

There are about six schools that cater to primary school students, with many Montrose jobs offered in this field of work. Primary health care is addressed by Castlegait Surgery along with NHS Tayside, and healthcare jobs are offered throughout the year in the area. Housing costs in Angus are quite affordable.

Montrose Job Opportunities

Apart from tourism, oil and gas, finance, IT, manufacturing and administration, engineering jobs are made available thanks to the booming manufacturing industry. GlaxoSmithKline, a major pharmaceutical company, has been a steady source of jobs in Montrose for the past six decades. Its manufacturing facility that produces prescription drugs is located in this town. Argos, GE Oil and Gas, Halliburton Mfg & Services Ltd, Montrose Port Authority, National Oilwell Varco, Wartsila UK Ltd, Tesco, and Petrofac are some of the other notable employers in Montrose.

Banking, leisure and hospitality jobs, teaching jobs at local schools, and a host of other jobs in Montrose and the neighbouring area are also available.

Montrose Employment Trends

As a busy commercial port, manufacturing hub and centre of tourist attraction, different employment opportunities are available to suit specific interests and qualifications, despite Sainsbury dropping its plans to set shop here. The presence and growth of oil and gas industry in the region also proves to be a valuable job source.

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