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Maidenhead, Home Counties Employment Information

Maidenhead Overview According to the latest UK Vitality Index, Maidenhead has one of the best performing economies in ...

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Maidenhead Overview

According to the latest UK Vitality Index, Maidenhead has one of the best performing economies in the country. This Berkshire city scores high in areas like economic growth, business activity levels, weekly income, and entrepreneurship; all these factors have helped turn Maidenhead into an attractive place to live and work. Average housing prices are up to 49 per cent lower in Maidenhead than in London, and above-average weekly earnings mean that local residents can enjoy high standards of living. Thanks to its excellent transportation links and active labour market, Maidenhead is a great location for recent graduates looking to gain experience and for professionals interested in taking up a new role or changing careers altogether.

Maidenhead Job Opportunities

The most recent ONS dataset shows that approximately 60 per cent of all Maidenhead jobs belong to managerial, professional, and technical occupations. Many of these jobs are in the ICT sector, which provides an excellent range of opportunities to professional web developers, data scientists, project managers, and IT security specialists. Sales and customer service roles are also an important source of employment opportunities in Maidenhead. Sales executive jobs are available to motivated and skilled individuals in sectors like telecommunications, retail, and insurance. Other job opportunities exist in public administration, health care, and education; wholesale, distribution, and logistics; leisure and entertainment; and the creative sector.

Maidenhead Employment Trends

According to the ONS, at 0.96 per cent job density levels in Maidenhead are well above the national average. This positive figure is expected to become a long-term trend, mainly as a result of two factors: 1) the various regeneration projects that are taking place in and around this Berkshire town, which will help attract investors and create new jobs in the area, and 2) the arrival of Crossrail services to Maidenhead, which is expected to take place in 2019 and help make the town more accessible to commuters, business owners, and investors.

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