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Lurgan, Northern Ireland Employment Information

Lurgan Overview In a study commissioned by the Royal Mail on the best places to live, Lurgan came in third. Aspects ...

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Lurgan Overview

In a study commissioned by the Royal Mail on the best places to live, Lurgan came in third. Aspects like employment prospects, access to green spaces, affordable housing, good schools and average commuting times factored in. The road transport in Lurgan is reasonably good, with Translink providing and maintaining a regular schedule to Belfast, Dungannon, Armagh, Portadown, and other areas. There is also the alternative of commuting by train through the Lurgan railways, which links directly to Belfast Great Victoria Street. The George Best Belfast City Airport is accessible via the Sydenham link. House prices averaged £112,970 in the second quarter of 2015, according to the Lurgan Mail. Lurgan is well-provided-for in education, with a good number of primary schools. Options for post-secondary education include Lurgan Junior High Schools and Lurgan College. Working professionals with jobs in Lurgan can find appropriate institutions for their children. The Ceara School caters to the special needs educational requirements in the area.

Lurgan Job Opportunities

Historically, the town of Lurgan has always been all about industries, with a focus on textiles. The textile factories in the region have been a major source of jobs. Consequently, the jobs Lurgan offers have grown steadily in number for the better part of the 1990s and 2000s. The growth of the “new city” of Craigavon boosted the economy of Lurgan. The expansion of the Rushmere Retail Park enhanced the retail trade and provided full-time and part-time retail jobs in Lurgan. With the development of a CBD halfway between Lurgan and Portadown, local businesses have access to more commercial space. As the factories zoned out, industrial estates were born, providing prospects for manufacturing jobs.

Lurgan Employment Trends

When the UK was developing the “new towns,” Craigavon was among those in Northern Ireland to benefit from the program. The idea was to relieve Belfast of an expected overpopulation. One way that the development helped was the fact that rural settlements were phased into housing areas. They now provide living options for residents with jobs in Lurgan. Having a city centre to serve the town increased its popularity and the number of jobs Lurgan has to offer.

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