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Loughborough, Midlands Employment Information

Loughborough Overview Loughborough is classed as one of the largest settlements in Leicestershire, with a prestigious ...

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Loughborough Overview

Loughborough is classed as one of the largest settlements in Leicestershire, with a prestigious university. The University is, in fact, the town's biggest employer. This status as an academic city does mean accommodation for students is costly, with a recent telegraph report posting Loughborough as the most expensive city for accommodation.

However, there are other jobs available in the public sector: Charnwood Borough Council employs many people in lots of capacities, from admin workers to refuse collectors and electricians, while there also exist plenty of private sector jobs in the tech, pharmaceutical, and service industries. Loughborough is also known for the quality of its sports provision, with many famous athletes counted among the University's alumni.

Loughborough Job Opportunities

While highly specialised jobs certainly exist for academics, the university in Loughborough also employs hundreds of local people in every capacity, from librarians to caterers, and additionally employs housekeepers, grounds and maintenance staff, administrators, managers, HR workers, cleaners, study support staff, teachers of English as a Foreign Language, sports coaches, outreach workers, and much more. The town is also home to Loughborough College, a large Further Education institution; the RNIB College for visually impaired students; various secondary schools, including faith schools; nurseries, and primary schools. Owing to the status as a student city and the fact that Loughborough is a thriving market town, retail jobs are abundant. The Carillion Shopping Centre and the newer Rushes shopping complex house a variety of businesses, ensuring a plentiful supply of positions are available.

Loughborough Employment Trends

Loughborough has a fine heritage of industry and manufacturing, and until the late 20th century, tights, socks and hosiery were still made in Loughborough and shipped out to the world. These days, however, large companies such as the Brush Factory manufacture high voltage generators and power management systems, while pharmaceutical companies such as Morningside Pharmaceuticals, Nemaura Pharma, and 3M Healthcare Ltd all have a global reach, offering a variety of roles. There are also lots of engineering jobs available in Loughborough, thanks to the Science Park attached to the University.

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