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Leyland, North West Employment Information

Leyland Overview Leyland has seen significant growth over the past few decades. What was once a quiet rural town is ...

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Leyland Overview

Leyland has seen significant growth over the past few decades. What was once a quiet rural town is now home to thriving rubber and motor vehicle manufacturing operations. The town is in the district of South Ribble in Lancashire. Moreover, there is arable land available here, and the number of farming jobs Leyland has to offer is sizeable. According to statistics from the 2011 census, home ownership in the town is higher than the national average. There are few modern housing estates, but most of the buildings are from the 1970s. Data also shows that unemployment rates are lower compared to Lancashire as a whole. Leyland also has high health standards, and the quality of education is above average with an offering consisting of four secondary schools and a further education college. The town's connections to the M6, make it easily accessible, and Manchester is only 30 minutes away. The Leyland railway station provides public transport to commuters and visitors.

Leyland Job Opportunities

The town of Leyland is famous for Leyland Motors, founded in 1901. The firm has been providing part time jobs as well as full-time jobs in Leyland in truck and bus manufacturing, engineering, and marketing, among others, for over 100 years. Some big names in retail have stores in the region, and these are responsible for sales and customer service jobs. There have been several plans to develop the town further to provide more housing, business premises, and infrastructure. Development projects like these come with various employment opportunities. The South Ribble Museum holds exhibitions and events, and not to forget the attraction that the Leyland Festival offers. The different occasions provide a platform for varying events planning jobs Leyland.

Leyland Employment Trends

Leyland is home to the British Commercial Vehicle Museum. People who want to learn about UK’s history of road transport visit the museum throughout the year. All these visitors have been and continue to cater to different needs for jobs in Leyland. The natural landscape of Leyland and historical landmarks give locals things to do and see when they are free. This trait is attractive to people looking to start out in a new place. As the town steadily develops, it provides the right environment for entrepreneurs to invest. The mushrooming of small businesses in the region will impact the employment trends significantly.

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