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Leicester, Midlands Employment Information

Leicester is notable for providing somewhat larger monetary benefits, such as Jobseekers Allowance, than the average in ...

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Leicester, Midlands
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Leicester is notable for providing somewhat larger monetary benefits, such as Jobseekers Allowance, than the average in England. It bears noting that Leicester has among the lowest disposable income in the United Kingdom, per a May 2016 report by The Guardian; on the other hand, living expenses are also relatively low, particularly for students and university workers, per a University of Leicester report around the same time. As of October 2017, the cost of renting hovers around the £1,000 range, with the cost going either up or down up to £300 from that benchmark depending on the area, flat size and other factors, according to Expatistan. In October 2017, restaurant prices in Leicester are noticeably lower (27%) than in London, and grocery prices are slightly lower (4%) than in the capital, according to Numbeo.

Leicester Job Opportunities

The city is historically known for its strong manufacturing industry. As such, manufacturing jobs in Leicester are common even today. It is also host to two notable universities, Leicester University and De Montfort University, providing research assistant jobs in Leicester which are relatively lucrative compared to some other cities of similar size. Leicester also enjoys a relatively high density of grocery stores such as ASDA and other retailers, making retail jobs in Leicester another option for job seekers. Any region with a strong retail sector will also have a significant number of marketing, sales and acquisitions opportunities.

Leicester Employment Trends

Leicester's long-standing manufacturing industry enjoys stability and steady growth, making any jobs in manufacturing a safe choice. Jobs adjacent to manufacturing, such as engineering jobs in Leicester also see regular openings and steady growth. Leicester is seeing an increase in academic jobs particularly at the University of Leicester, as signalled by an increase in lectures, seminars and other events, particularly in terms of health care, such as October 2017's "How health in the U.K. will change over the next 20 years; the good and the bad". Thus, healthcare jobs in Leicester and neighbouring regions are slated to become more prominent.

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