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Leeds, Yorkshire Employment Information

Claimed by Leeds Council to be the fastest growing city in the UK, Leeds certainly ticks a number of boxes for those ...

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Claimed by Leeds Council to be the fastest growing city in the UK, Leeds certainly ticks a number of boxes for those thinking of relocating to the area. Rated highly by Lonely Planet in 2017 as one of the best places to live in the UK, it accommodates families as it has large selection of state and independent schools, and academies are available from pre-school through to sixth form. The city area also boasts eight special or alternative schools, six colleges of further education, as well as Leeds University, Leeds Trinity University, and Leeds Becket University. Property prices can vary considerably depending on the area, with as much as £50,000 difference on the cost of a terraced home.

Leeds Job Opportunities

As one would expect from a city with an economy totalling almost £65 billion, jobs are available across all areas of industry, commerce and the service sectors. According to Leeds City Region Enterprise Group, financial and business services account for £13 billion of that turnover, and generate a substantial number of administrative jobs in Leeds. Manufacturing is another big player in the area, producing around £7 billion in turnover and providing a variety of manufacturing jobs in Leeds. As would be expected, the high output from business services, financial services, and manufacturing provides a good selection of all types of transport jobs ranging from courier and HGV drivers, to mechanics and office staff. Other areas of opportunity include public health and education administration, construction, agriculture and the retail sector.

Leeds Employment Trends

With nearly £4 billion already invested in large scale development, and a further £7 billion in the pipeline, Leeds continues its drive to the top. Although Leeds' city shopping has long been a favourite with those from out of town, the opening of the Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre substantially increased visitor numbers for retail, leisure and tourism. With its commitment to increase business investment and attract new employers, Leeds seems set to maintain its high growth in all areas for time to come.

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