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Kendal, North West Employment Information

Kendal Overview Kendall is a market town situated on the edge of the Lake District with a population of 28,586. The ...

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Kendal, North West
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Kendal Overview

Kendall is a market town situated on the edge of the Lake District with a population of 28,586. The Sunday Times listed it as one of the most desirable places to live in 2013, citing factors such as low crime, good schools and convenient transport links.

Known as "The Gateway to the Lakes," Kendall benefits from its attractive location and draws in many tourists every year, creating jobs in Kendal in the process. Currently, 83% of the district contributes to the economy with a quarter being self-employed.

Kendal Job Opportunities

Tourism is one of the main driving forces for job opportunities in Kendal, with 84% of employment coming from services sector jobs according to South Lakeland District Council. 19% of service jobs are in accommodation and food services while 23% are in health, administration and education. 7% accounts for recreation, entertainment and art, and 19% is in retail and wholesale.

Kendall has a thriving IT and design sector, and those looking for IT jobs in the town can look forward to working with online businesses serving customers throughout the world. There are also many historic businesses in Kendall such as Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon, a manufacturer of turbines and pumps, as well as switchgear maker Mardix. The American manufacturer Heinz bases their baby milk manufacturing facility in north Kendal.

Kendal Employment Trends

Unemployment in the South Lakeland district was recorded at 0.8% at the start of 2015, and youth unemployment fell by 55.4% in 2014 according to official statistics. With various initiatives introduced, such as a 10-year action plan setup by Kendal Futures to encourage investment in the area, many are looking towards a bright future in Kendal.

Another initiative has been proposed by the council to improve infrastructure in the town with £2.3m in funds. Areas such as cycle paths, road junctions and walkways have been targeted in an attempt to draw more tourism to the area.

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