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Hinckley, Midlands Employment Information

Hinckley Overview Hinckley is the second largest town in the administrative county of Leicestershire. As one of the ...

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Hinckley Overview

Hinckley is the second largest town in the administrative county of Leicestershire. As one of the leading hosiery industry suppliers in Britain in the 19th century, it is traditionally a market town with a rich heritage. Hinckley's cost of living is considerably lower than that of other major British cities, with average property prices lower than the national average. Hinckley is currently undergoing major transformations as an estimated £1 billion will be invested in the next few years. An estimated 10,000+ jobs will be available in the town centre and the wider boroughs due to this investment plan, making the available jobs in Hinckley more and more attractive.

Hinckley Job Opportunities

Hinckley has a rich history of engineering, which continues to provide local engineering jobs, and is home to the Ultima Sports Ltd sports cars manufacturer. The Paynes Garages Ltd and the Triumph Motorcycle Factory are also located in Hinckley. These three major companies offer a range of respected employment opportunities for professionals seeking employment in operations and logistics, line assembly, manufacturing, engineering and other segments of the automotive industry. North Warwickshire & Hinckley College, along with the Hinckley and District Hospital and the Hinckley and Bosworth Community Hospital offer education and healthcare job opportunities. Other employment opportunities arise daily from local or small businesses, making Hinckley suitable for job seekers of all ages and qualifications.

Hinckley Employment Trends

As previously mentioned, the recent council initiative that focuses on the development and relocation of opportunities in the retail, housing, business and education sectors is well underway. Many of the projects are already in full swing, while others have yet to start. The £1 billion promised investment is bound to create 10,000 position within companies based in the centre and outer boroughs of Hinckley.

The recent completion of the largest parcel hub in Europe alone guarantees the creation of 1,000 job opportunities. Couple this with the bus station development and the new leisure centre taking shape, and these changes suggest that Hinckley will soon be one of the most sought-after locations for job seekers.

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