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Hemel Hempstead, Home Counties Employment Information

Hemel Hempstead Overview With a population of over 90,000 and excellent connectivity options, Hemel Hempstead is a ...

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Hemel Hempstead Overview

With a population of over 90,000 and excellent connectivity options, Hemel Hempstead is a thriving urban centre and one of the most prosperous commercial hubs in Hertfordshire. Lower living costs and a varied range of job opportunities are some of the most commonly cited reasons given by those who choose to live and work in Hemel Hempstead, since according to a Lloyd's Bank report, housing costs can be up to 59% lower than in central London. Like other towns in the Greater London area, Hemel Hempstead is well connected to the British capital and offers easy access to some of the major transportation hubs in the area, including Luton airport, the M1, and the M25 roads.

Hemel Hempstead Job Opportunities

Jobs in Hemel Hempstead are available in a variety of industry sectors, but particularly IT jobs, advanced manufacturing, engineering jobs, and jobs in the creative sector. Biomedicine and high-tech professionals have great prospects in Hemel thanks to the presence of top-class R&D facilities at West Herts College and the University of Hertfordshire. In its economy strategy report, Dacorum City Council emphasizes the availability of office-based jobs, especially in the Maylands Business Park, which provides 17% of Hemel Hempstead's jobs in areas as different from each other as creative design, logistics, software engineering, and sports consultancy. The report also draws attention to the variety of opportunities existing in both SMEs and large firms, since some of the key employers are Fujifilm, Kodak, Epson, Amazon, Royal Mail, and BP.

Hemel Hempstead Employment Trends

Company formation firm DuPort reports that the number of business registrations in Hemel Hempstead has been steadily increasing since 2012 at rates that are twice as high as the national average, pointing at the Hemel Hempstead's potential in terms of job creation. According to a 2015 Which? Consumer Insight Tracker, unemployment levels stand at 5.6% and are below the national average, which highlights the healthy state of the local job market. In the near future, the sectors that are likely to create the largest number of jobs are real estate, construction, the low-carbon economy, and life sciences.

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