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Helensburgh, Scotland Employment Information

Helensburgh Overview Helensburgh is a small town on the eastern coast of Scotland with a population of just over ...

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Helensburgh Overview

Helensburgh is a small town on the eastern coast of Scotland with a population of just over 14,000 according to the 2011 census. It has been a rather graceful seaside resort since the late eighteenth century, lying on the northern shore of the Firth of Clyde and near the entrance of the Gareloch. According to a Uswitch survey carried out in 2015, Helensburgh, along with Lomond and East and West Dunbartonshire, is the 25th best place to live in the United Kingdom. This estimation is based on low levels of unemployment and similarly low property and rental prices. General living costs are also below average, while broadband speeds are among the fastest in the country. Helensburgh is a commuter town for the nearby city of Glasgow, although it remains a popular destination for days out in its own right. The town is extremely well-connected, with no less than three railway stations. There are also paddle steamers, and plenty of amenities, such as a charming sea front with numerous small shops and cafes, a swimming pool and an esplanade, where one can enjoy the sea air and beautiful scenery.

Helensburgh Job Opportunities

There are numerous seasonal tourist jobs available in Helensburgh, connected to the hospitality and tourist sectors, with service jobs also being offered. In addition, Helensburgh has many openings for staff in restaurants, pubs and cafes, and there are plenty of care worker and cleaner jobs. The major employer of the area is the Faslane Naval Base where over 500 people currently work. The naval base is the site of a fleet of Vanguard nuclear submarines, the Trident nuclear deterrent system, and provides numerous job opportunities for those interested in working for the major defence contractor. Current opportunities in Helensburgh, for example, include engineering systems test analyst, security officer, technician and IT jobs.

Helensburgh Employment Trends

In 2015, the employment rate in Helensburgh was 71 percent, a respectable figure indicating a relatively healthy economy. After MPs voted to renew Trident in the summer of 2016, the future of the naval base also looks robust.

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