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Harlow, Home Counties Employment Information

Harlow Overview A good deal of the jobs in Harlow are in the manufacturing sector because, being one of the first ...

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Harlow Overview

A good deal of the jobs in Harlow are in the manufacturing sector because, being one of the first planned towns in the country, its edge-of-town industrial estates are geared up for the needs of factories and fabrication centres. There are two principle economic hubs in Harlow: the Pinnacles and Templefields where most of the people who work in the town are employed. In the town centre, Harlow has a busy number of retail centres, including an indoor shopping mall, the Harvey Centre. As such, there are plenty of retail jobs in the town as well as offices providing work in all areas of administration.

Harlow Job Opportunities

There are some big companies in Harlow which provide many of the employment opportunities. Despite the closure of the town's famous biscuit factory over a decade ago, the site has been turned into a large number of smaller industrial units with companies there now operating in all areas of the economy. Among the larger employers are Raytheon, which specialises in flight systems, Nortel, the telecommunications company, and GlaxoSmithKline, which is one of the country's leading life sciences organisations. As well as the town centre shops, Harlow has a number of smaller retail centres clustered around the town, including those at Bush Fair, Edinburgh Way and Old Harlow.

Harlow Employment Trends

A growing number of Harlow's inhabitants work in London, accessing the capital via the M11 motorway, which passes nearby, or the town's railway station. However, many townsfolk retain jobs in Harlow that are with companies which are committed to the future of the town. Internet-based companies are increasingly in evidence in Harlow, for example one of the world's leading golf retailers is based there. Harlow is designated by the government as one of only 24 so-called enterprise zones in the UK which provide businesses with things like superfast broadband and attractive tax measures that are designed to promote growth among tech start-ups, SME manufacturers and scientific research companies.

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