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Halifax, Yorkshire Employment Information

Halifax Overview Halifax is a West Yorkshire town in the borough of Calderdale that has a rich history in ...

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Halifax Overview

Halifax is a West Yorkshire town in the borough of Calderdale that has a rich history in confectionery and woollen manufacturing, as well as finance (the Halifax banking chain was founded in the city). Jobs in Halifax centre on the commercial sector, with the town having long been established as the commercial hub of Calderdale. Some 35,000 people work in Halifax, making it the area with the largest workforce in the borough, according to council figures. The cost of living in the town is slightly higher than surrounding cities with a consumer price index of 97.26 (Numbeo), meaning that many prefer to commute into town.

Halifax Job Opportunities

According to Calderdale Council, over a third of jobs in Halifax are in Banking, Finance or Insurance, with well-known companies such as Lloyds, Halifax plc and HBOS based in the town. Those looking for finance jobs in Halifax will improve their chances by gaining a finance degree and developing:

  • IT skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Commercial awareness
  • Initiative
  • Communication

Halifax still has a small yet thriving manufacturing industry and engineering jobs are available, with world-famous food brands such as Nestlé and McVities operating in the town, as well as traditional trade firms Halco Rock Tools, Weir Valves and Hargreaves Foundry according to business directories. Jobseekers will also find a variety of opportunities at Dean Clough Mill complex, a refurbished factory providing 3,000 positions in many sectors.

Halifax Employment Trends

Jobs in Halifax took a hit earlier in the year with unemployment rising by 13,000 (ONS), making it all the more important for jobseekers to show their skills in the best light. In terms of investment, new redevelopments such as at Dean Clough Mills have provided jobs in a range of sectors and developments on retail, entertainment and leisure facilities are well into a five-year programme, according to the council.

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